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$ git clone git://github.com/nicolasff/webdis.git $ cd webdis $ make $ ./webdis &

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Webdis is a simple HTTP server which forwards commands to Redis and sends the reply back using a format of your choice. Accessing /COMMAND/arg0/arg1/.../argN[.ext] on Webdis executes the command on Redis and returns the response; the reply format can be changed with the optional extension (.json, .txt…)

Return codes:

File upload with PUT:

Because the URI format is quite limited, Webdis can read its last argument from a file when it is sent using HTTP PUT. To do this with cURL, use curl --upload-file my-data.bin Note how the SET command has only one parameter instead of two, the last one being the file’s data.

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JSON(P) and friends

By default, Webdis replies are JSON objects containing a single item, mapping the requested command name to the Redis reply. The following JSON types are used: The ?jsonp query string parameter adds an optional wrapping function, transforming the reply into a JSONP call. This makes it possible to include Webdis in Javascript apps.

A few other formats are supported: For unsupported file formats, the ?type= query string parameter allows you to serve strings as any content-type.
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Publish, subscribe

Webdis exposes Redis PUB/SUB channels to HTTP clients, forwarding messages in the channel as they are published by Redis. This is done using chunked transfer encoding.

Webdis also provides HTML5 WebSocket access to pub/sub channels.
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Access control

Because some Redis commands can write data, exposing Webdis to clients on the web might not be a good idea. Fortunately, an ACL system matches a profile type to a list of permissions. Each access control setting can match clients by IP + range, by HTTP Auth, or by both, and lists the commands they are able and unable to execute.
This lets you disable write commands for the public, whilst still keeping a full access from your network.
"acl": [ { "disabled": ["SET", "DEBUG", "FLUSHDB", "FLUSHALL"] }, { "ip": "", "enabled": ["SET"] }, { "http_basic_auth": "root:p4ssw0rd1", "enabled": ["FLUSHDB"] } ]
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